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Baggage collection and delivery

★For baggage deliveries within Naha city, pick-up and delivery will be available for 1,000 yen per baggage delivery.
★For all other items, we will collect and deliver them for 1,500 yen per delivery.
★Golf bags will be collected and delivered to the main island for ¥1,500 per bag per delivery.


Naha city → outside the city → outside the city

If your package delivery includes destinations outside of Naha City, e.g. from the airport to a hotel in Onna Village, or from a hotel in Nago City to the airport .


*The following are additional charges.

Ogimi Village ¥1,700, Higashi Village ¥1,750

Kunigami Village ¥1,850


¥ 1,500~


Golf Bags

Only on the main island of Okinawa. 1 bag per delivery.

1 delivery 1 baggage



Naha city → Naha city

If your package is being delivered only to Naha City

Example: Airport to hotel, hotel to hotel, hotel to airport delivery

1 delivery 1 baggage

¥ 1,000

Carry-on delivery
(Service currently unavailable)

★If you bring your luggage to an OPS store

(Service currently unavailable)


When luggage are delivered only in Naha City

Eg) Delivery from airport to hotel, hotel to hotel, hotel to airport

1 delivery 1 baggage

Naha→Other city

When luggage delivery is included outside of Naha City
Eg) From Naha to Hotel in Onna Village , Hotel in Tomigusuku to Airport etc.

1 delivery 1 baggage

Golf bag

Only Okinawa main island.1 delivery for 1 golf bag.

1 delivery 1 baggage

※For the delivery after the next day, 1 baggage will be charged 500 yen per day separately as baggage storage fee.

Temporary keeping and storage of baggage and golf bag

(Customers ordering delivery)

​The fee is from the day after the next day (the day after is free)

1 day ¥500

Luggage cannot be picked up or delivered outside business hours.
Free of charge on the day of arrival when checking baggage by mail. Charges will occur after the next day.
Charges will be charged from the opening hours.
It will be charged during business hours, so you will not be charged outside business hours.
It will be stored for up to 2 weeks.

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